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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Watch Rathinirvedam Telugu Full HD Movie | Shweta Menon | Sreejith | Manianpilla Raju | Indian Video Guru
'Rathinirvedam' Full Length Movie - [watch]

Rathinirvedam movie also stars Ajay Kumar and Shammi Thilakan among others. The movie is dubbed from the Malayalam movie with the same title.

Music Director: M Jayachandran
Director: TK Rajeev Kumar
Producer: G Suresh Kumar 


Pappu (Sreejith Vijay) stays in his mother's house after completing high school, awaiting results. During his stay, he falls in love with Rathi (Shweta Menon), a woman elder to him. The boy is very deeply in love with Rathi and shows his love in different ways. He keeps visiting the snake temple to see Rathi. There are many scenes in which Pappu expresses his love. Rathi initially thinks of Pappu as her younger brother but, after some time, she realizes his love. After some problems, the two families know about the love issue. They forbid them to see each other. Before the climax Rathi meets Pappu in the sarppakavu (snake temple).

In the rain, Pappu seduces Rathi. Rathi does not agree at first, but as Pappu keeps advancing she can no longer stop herself and succumbs. However, after making love to Pappu, Rathi is bitten by a snake. Pappu offers to take her home, but she refuses saying that people would find out that they were alone in the temple. She goes home and starts crying loudly. Pappu watches all this helplessly. Watch the full movie to find out the climax.

Cast & Crew:

Shweta Menon is known for her acting in movies like Mumbai Police and Kalimannu.

Sreejith / Sreejith Vijay is famous for movies like Tourist Home and Money Back Policy.
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